2017/master's thesis
Takuto Asada A Study on Multiple Evaluation of Street Tree Considering Function of Stormwater Storage Penetration
Yuki Arai   Study on observing distribution of tricycle using vehicle detection tool by Deep Learning
 Shin Sakamoto  Simulation Analysis of Method for Merging Arrival Flows at Tokyo International Airport
 Naoto Murata  A study on Characteristics of Cycling on Bicycle Facilities with Parked Vehicles

2017/graduation thesis
Tetsu Hamamoto The Characterisitics of World's High-Speed Rail Corridors

2017(September)/master's thesis
Yuji Toyozaki  A basic study on driving behavior by elderly with low cogenitive function

2016/master's thesis
Takahiro Konno Study on Observing Distribution of LAMAT using R-CNN
 Natsuki Sagawa A Study on Developing Attractive Walking Environments for Elderly ~The Case of Sagamihara City~

2016/graduation thesis
Taku Kawamura Analisis of cycling behavior during overtaking pedestrians after sunset 

2016(September)/doctoral thesis
Chen-Wei Li 「A Study on Social Effects of Aviation Accidents on Airlines and Users」

2016(September)/master's thesis
Bo Tain A study on Chinese visitor's image of urban streetscapes in Japan

2015/doctoral thesis
Kei Miyanoue Development of Cycling Simulatoe fot Traffic Safety Analisis Considering at Adaptability to the Simulator Environment

2015/master's thesis
Kohei Ohno A study on Classification and Identification of LAMAT in Developing Countries
 Hayato Kinoshita Analisis of Terminal Airspace Capacity by Databasing ATC Information
 Kengo Nikawa Desirable Utilization of the Cross-sectoral Urban Space Appraisal in Regional Planning
 Misato Noji A Study on Driver's Behavior in the Empty Taxi in Central Tokyo
 Keisuke Hosoya Analisis of Bicycle Behavior under Constructing Night-time VR space

2015/graduation thesis

Shin Sakamoto Simulation Analisis for Terminal Airspace Using Flight Trajectory Data
 Naoto Murata An Accident Analisis of Elderly Cyclists riding Motor-assisted Bicycles

2014/master's thesis
Suguru Iwama Analysis of attitude toward public transportation use in Phnom Penh sity 
 Nobuteru Nomura Study on disaster prevention and environmental issues of municipal planning system and its consistency 
 Koji Tsuruoka Using Air Traffic Data to Analyze of Air Traffic Control Instructions in Congested Airspace

2014/graduation thesis

Natsuki Sagawa A study on residential intention of using JR Yamada line

2013/master's thesis
Lin Dan 「A comparison of bicycle networks among cities on bicycle master plans」
Zhao Ziyu 「Influence of Display Type and Yaw Rotation on Driving Simulator Sickness」
Hanlu Miao 「Analysis of Traffic Flow Characteristics on Merging Sections of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway」
Keidai Sato A study on Safety Education Method by the Reality Improvment of the Cycling Simulator
Kento Fukui Analisis of Small Scale Airports management in the United States
 Ryo Yamada  Study of Effects on Daily Activities Caused by Individual Values in Developing Countries in Southeast Asia

2013/graduation thesis

Kohei Ohno Analysis on driving behavior and consciousenss of returning driver's license of elderly people
Keisuke Hosoya A Fundamental Study of Cycling on Roadway with Parking Vehicles for Improvement of Bicycle Facilities

2013(December)/doctoral thesis
Veng Kheang PHUN  「A Study on Aircraft Noise Acceptability Considering Situations of Other People Using Prospect Theory」

2013(September)/doctoral thesis
 Ali Sercan KESTEN 「Evaluating Efficiency and Equity Concepts of Traffic Control Strategies: A Novel Traffic Control and Equity Measurement Approach」

2013(September)/master's thesis
Guanzhong Wang An Analysis on Communication between Drivers of Vehicle and Bicycle
 Chen-Wei Li Analisis of Navigation System Techonology Transfer to Mitigate Aviation GHG Emissions in East Asis

2012/doctoral thesis

Azumanosuke Shimizu Study on Control Operation and Airspace Planning for Expansion of Airport Capacity in Narrow Airspace

2012/master's thesis
 Tomoya Honda  Bicycle Accident Analysis based on Traffic Accident Original Slip
Kei Miyanoue  A Study on the Reality of Weaving with Development of Cycling Simulator
  Junichi Motohashi  Sustainability Analisis of Regional Public Transportation Using Drama Theory

2012/graduation thesis
Teruaki Nomura A Study of factors for sustaining isolated local community with aboloshed public transportation
Tsuyoshi Watanabe  Characteristic Analysis of Users of Trunk Transportation

2011/master's thesis
Tomohiko Shinozuka The Analisis of Congestion Phenomena and Examination of Management Policy about Merging Section of Metropolitan Expressway

2011/graduation thesis
Ryo Yamada Fundamental Study for revitalization of central urban area in small local cities
Shiena Okada Bicycle Accident Analisis on roads with Sidewalk

2010/doctoral thesis
Takashi Tomari Theoretical Study on the Way of PI in Futer Transportation plan

2010/master's thesis
Junro Teraba An Attitudinal Analisis of Acceptability for Aircraft Noise in Urban Area

2010/graduation thesis
Kwi Miyanoue Driving Simulator Analisis on Bicycle Heao-on Collision
Junichi Motohashi Consideration of the role of citizens and the sustainability of urban transport systems

2009/doctoral thesis
KOV Monyrath ”Analysis of Traffic Flow and Safety of Urban Mixed Traffic Dominated by Motorcycle in Phnom Penh”

2009/master's thesis
Daichi Mimura Effectiveness Analisis of Departure Time Control by Haneda Airport Landing Data
Ryuta Wataneba A Study on Development of "Inductive-loop Bicycle Detector" at the Unsignalized intersection

2009/graduation thesis
Shinpei Oikawa Simple Model of Disturbing Factors during Bicycle Turning
Tomohiko Shinozuka Efficiency and Impact of "Eco-Drive" considering incorporation of Hybrid Cars

2009(September)/doctoral thesis
Mio Suzuki Study on Safety and Design of Bicycle-Friendly Road
Hiromitsu Yajima Study on Substantial PI and Process Improvment in the Execution of Public Policy

2009(September)/master's thesis
Kazutaka Yao A Study of Apportioning the Space and Road around Railway Station between Bus and Bicycle

2008/master's thesis
Satoshi Masuda Simulation Study on the Effects on Eco-driving
Li Na Analisis of Japan-China International Aerodynamics in Recent Years

2008/graduation thesis
Shinya Taokunaga Complex Behavior Analysis of Bicycles Running on Sidewalk and Cars
Junro Terada Traffic Simulation based Analisis of Effectiveness of the Non-stop Drive Supporting System
 Hiroaki Motooka A Study on the Current Roles of Cycle Rickshaw in Southeast Asia

2007/mster's thesis

Takanori Sakai A Study for Secruing Rationality in Plan Decision Marking
Takuro Fujii A Fundamental Study on Superficial Public Involvement fokkowing from the Establishment of Guideline

2007/graduation thesis
Takashi Kozaki Study on fuel efficiency improvement effect by intersection non-stop control
Takatsugu Miura Study on prevention of dozing driving by evaluation of arousal level

2006/master's thesis
Kov Monyrath "Frequency Design of Bus Transit in Mixed Urban Transport Network"
Zhuang XiaoYun "Analyzing Inter-regional Travel Mode Choice Behavior with Multi Nested Generalized Extreme Value Model "
 Shinta Segawa Consideration of Statewide Long-range Transportation Plans in US which focus attention on Regional Peculiarities
 Junichiro Takada Development of a Terminal Rader Approach Control Simulator and Fundamental Analisis of Air Traffic Control
泊 尚志 「交通計画におけるパブリック・インボルブメントの構成要件に関する基礎的研究」
 Kazuhito Hayashi Model Analisis of Multi-vehicle Accidents Behavior using Virtual Reality Driving Experiments Data
Ikuo Yoshida  Microsimulation-based Analisis of Measurement for Maintenance of Road Traffic Function in Post-Quake

2006/graduation thesis
増田 智志 地下道路における覚醒水準と運転挙動
三村 大地 ニュータウンの住環境に対する市民意識
八尾 和卓 複数駅によるバス交通分担について

2005/master's thesis
Mio Suzuki A Fundamental Study of Traffic Safety for On-Street Bicycle Lanes around Urban Railway Station
Hiroaki Torii Microsimulation-based Analisis of Traffic Volume for Post-Quake Transportation Network
Takashi Muramatsu Intra-household Activity Time Allocation Model with Income and Time Constraints
 Kunihiro Yamaguchi Factor Analisis of Multi-vehicle Accident in Underground Urban Expressway
 Naoki Yamada Airport Capacity Analisis considering Terminal Air Traffic Flow Control and Airlines' Aircraft Sizing Behavior

2005/graduation thesis
坂井 孝典 「住民による道路計画プロセスの事後評価について
『(仮称)横浜環状北西線PI 実施活動に関するアンケート調査』の結果はこちら

2004(September)/master's thesis
Kali P. NEPAL "Extended activity time allocation models: Application to value of activity time estimation"

2004(September)/master's thesis
Pratha UDAYASEN "Stated Preference Analysis of Air Travelers' Multiple-Airport Choice Behavior in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

2004/doctoral thesis
Terumitsu Hirata "Development of Driving Simulation System: MOVIC-T4 and its Application to Traffic Safety Analysis in Underground Urban Expressways"

2004/master's thesis
Noriko Ito Verification and Validation of Large-scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation for Practical Application
Hiroki Sango Nonlinearity in Utility Function in Travel Mode Choice Model
庭田 美穂 「自由回答の疑問型表現に着目した関心の抽出方法に関する研究」
平松 健志 「航空管制・騒音を考慮した空港容量算定方式に関する研究」
Takashi Mahara Traffic Safety Analisis in Underground Urban Expressways using Driving Simulation System: MOVIC-T4

2004/graduation thesis
瀬川 進太 「成田空港周辺道路における貨物車輸送の実態と分析」
泊 尚志 「公共交通の地震防災に対する市民意識の分析」

2003/master's thesis
Manabu Araki Assessment of a Biofeedback Method for preventing Drowsy Driving
Hideaki Igusa Comparative Studies in the Communication between the Public Administrations and the Ctizens through the Sighns of Street Works
Shini-ichiro Tazaki An Evaluation of Traffic Management and Air Quality for Wide-area Network using Microscopic Simulation
Kazuki Watanabe Measuring Value of Activity Time Incorporating the Interactions between Weekdays and Weekends

2003/graduation thesis
Kunihiro Yamaguchi Development and Performance Assessment of 2-axis Motion-base Driving Simulator
Issei Wakui Feasibility Study of Regional Jet Service between Japan and China

2003(September)/doctral thesis
HILARIO SEAN O. PALMIANO "Development of a Simulation System for Impact Analysis of Mid-block Jeepney Stops in Metro Manila"

2002/master's thesis
Iijima Yuichi Traffic Safety Analisis in Underground Urban Expressway
Shinpei Ueda Development of Traffic Simulation System for Areas surrounding Jeepney Stop in front of a Shopping Center
Yoshifumi Shirahama Traffic-related Air Environmental System for Wide-area Network using Microscopic Simulation
Kazuya Nehashi An Analysis on Public Attitude to the Uncertainly Travel Demand Forecasting
Takeshi Watanabe   A Diffusion model of ETC In-Vehicle Transmitters Considering the Interdependence among Driver's Behavior

2002/graduation thesis
Takeshi Hiramatsu Analisis of International Air Passenger Demand for Regional Jet Service in Northeast Asia
Takashi Umahara Improving the Reproducibility of Traffic Flow in Microscopic Simulation

 2002(September)/Doctoral thesis
Irwan Prasetyo "Analysis on Value of Activity Time Based on Individual Needs"

 2002(September)/master's thesis
Narumol Opachavalit "Conjoint Analysis for Individuals' Purchasing Behavior of ETC In-Vehicle Transmitters)"

 2001/master's thesis
Ryo Goto Microscopic traffic-related environmental simulation system for wide-area networks
Teruhiko Saito An Analisis of aircraft size changing in domestic aie market
Terumitsu Hirata Applicability of Driving Simulator for the Analysis of driving environment in Urban Expressway
Hirosato Yoshino The Method to Estimate Value of Time considering the activities in Weekend

2001/graduation thesis
Manabu Araki Analisis of the effect on driving behavior of mobile phone
Yu Wenguang Verification of the Micro Traffic Simulator, WAT-SIM
Hirosato Yoshino Analisis of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Conflict

 2000/master's thesis
Tomoya Uchida Analysis of Driver's Cicumstance Using Mental Load
Shingo Tamura Activities Analisis considering Individual's Needs toward Life
Futoshi Mitsuhata Evaluation Method in Transportation Policy for SPM Reduction Considering the Attitude toward Environmental Value - A Case Study in Makati, Metro Manila-
Toru Mimura Development of Micro Traffic Flow Simulation System at Merging Section for Evaluation of Advanced and Cruise-Assist Highway System(AHS)

2000/graduation thesis
Iijima Yuichi A Driving Experiment of Advanced and Cruise-Assist Highway System(AHS) at Marging Section
 Tanaka Kousuke Analysis on the Citizen's Attitude toward Air Environment in Metro Manila
Harigai Masayuki Comparison study on Free Description Data in Questionnaire Survey about Road

1999/master's thesis
Ohashi Masaki A Study on the Measurement of Mental Load and Safety Evaluation of Urban Expressway
Kubo Fumio An Analisis of Drivers En-route Route Choice Behavior Under Toll Diversification on Urban Expressway
Kobayashi Akiko A Study on the Destination Choice Model Considering Similarity among Destinations
Takata Shinji A Proposal of the Method of quantification of needs and Dissatisfaction for Road Service Using Free Description Data in Questionnaire Survey
Takahashi Chika An Analysis of the Effect on Environmental Impact Using Network Simulation System in Metro Manila

1999/graduation thesis
Hirata Terumitsu  An Analisis of Roadside Air Pollution in Metro Manila
Yasue Akinori A Fundamental Study on Market Penetration of ETC Device for Commercial vehicles
Yamada Toshiyuki An Analisis of Driver's Behavior at Merging Section of Urban Expressway Using Detailed Drivind Data
Yoshino Hirosato A Fundamental Study on Overland International Container Cargo Flows

1999(September)/doctral thesis
Karl Vergel "Analysis of Road Traffic Flow and Traffic Environment in Metro Manila"

1998/master's thesis
Idehara Katuya An Analysis of the Relationship between Traffic Flow Characteristics and Air Pollition in Metro Manila
Sakamaki Naoki Fundamental study about mental load under expressway driving and about measurement of cost due to mental load
Seki Kentaro Reaserch on the method of Public Involvement in the Regional traffic planning
Harada Makoto A Study on  Airline's Strategic Alliance in international Aeronautical market

1998/graduation thesis
Dan To A Fundamental Study on Market Penetration of ETC device
Tonogi Takayuki Citizen's Attitude Survey using Delphi Method
Mitsuhata Futoshi An Analysis of Characteristic of Jeepney and its Behavior
Mimuro Toru Pedestrians and Bicycles Traffic Flow in Mixed Traffic Conditions of Narrow Street

1997/doctral thesis
寺部 慎太郎 「交通計画プロセスにおける市民意識の抽出方法に関する研究」

1997/master's thesis
Ichinose Hiroki Study of Aeronautical Network with Airline's Strategic Alliance
Ibara Takashi An Analysis of the effect of discriminating toll on urban expressway
Saisyu Megumi Evaluation of Public Involvement Efforts by Citizen and MPO Surbey
Sakai Kouichi Study on multinominal probit with structured covarience for railway route choice
 Inoue Shinichi Simulation Study on Vehicle sharing system

1997/gruduation thesis
Takata Shinji A Structural Analysis of Citizen's attitude to Transportation Planning
Takahashi Chika A Study on renewal of Origin-Destination Traffic Volume considering paratransit
Murakami Yasunori Simulation model of Pedestrian's Behavior considering group

1996/doctral thesis
権 寧仁 「狭幅員道路の混合交通流の分析と道路空間計画に関する基礎的な研究」

1996/master's thesis
雨宮 啓二 「米国の交通計画におけるパブリック・インボルブメント方式に関する研究」
小川 淳 「大都市の混雑料金政策に関する選好意識分析」
石塚 順一 「シミュレーション法を用いたプロビットモデルの首都圏鉄道網への適用性」
 高橋 淳一 「観光周遊調査を用いた航空需要予測」

1995/master's thesis
坂田 龍之 「感度分析法によるOD推計とその適用性」
中川 隆広 「鉄道経路選択における構造化プロビットモデルの実用性」
長嶋 秀幸 「交通事故多発地点の事故要因分析とその対策」
森 秀雄 「大規模プロジェクトに対する住民意識形成に関する基礎的研究」

1994/master's thesis
寺部 慎太郎 「個人の異質性を考慮した高速道路料金改定に対する意識構造の研究」 (主査:森地 茂教授)

1993/master's thesis
小林 幹人 「都市開発が周辺に及ぼす影響の分析」
直原 史明 「利用者便益から見た幹線交通整備の効果分析」
高田 和幸 「アジア太平洋圏域の航空需要予測」

1992/master's thesis
魚谷 憲 「国土交通計画に資する旅客需要の調査・予測技法の研究」
鹿島 龍之介 「地方空港の国際化の進展に伴う航空旅客の動態分析」
小泉 幸弘 「太平洋圏域の航空ネットワーク構成に関する研究」

1991/master's thesis
山崎 淳 「高速海上輸送による観光旅客の需要分析」
洞 康之 「商業集積地における地価形成要因の把握に基づく空間整備の影響分析」

1990/master's thesis

伊藤 敏克 「共分散構造モデルを用いた都市・交通整備の効果計測方法」