The reseach field in Yai laboratory is national landand city planning, environmental transportation enginnering. Its contents range from planning process, residents participation, traffic environment analisis, aeronautical policy, traffic behavior analysis, traffic accident analysis, ITS(Intelligent Transportation System), Mitsukuri researcher city railroad program and so on.

Introduction of Recent Researches

Reseach of Air Traffic control     
 The long-term objective of this research is to analyze quantitative effects of introducing advanced methods for controlling air traffic flows to Tokyo International Airport. As the first step to archive this purpose, in this paper, the current capacity of terminal airspace to Tokyo International Airport was analyzed by using ADS-B and ATC instruction data. An airspace simulator was developed by considering the characteristics of ATC instructions. Using the simulator, the performance of Point Merge operation which is one of advanced navigation methods was briefly examined in a virtual airspace.
Research on development of urban sustainability assessment     

 We have established a system to evaluate the future image of the region from the viewpoint of economy, society, environment, safety, health from Sagamihara city, Kanagawa prefecture. By visualizing the indicators that evaluate cities using GIS, we share it with the residents in an easy-to-understand manner, and use only open data to increase the persuasiveness of the data. We are aiming to establish a system that will help many stakeholders to be involved in urban planning and will help to make decisions on urban planning.

Research on development of bicycle simulator and safety of bicycle traveling network
 For many years, it has been common throughout Japan where majority of the bicycle riders use sidewalks for their route. Due to this parpetual practice, accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians have become a social problem. To alleviate this problem, there is ana urgent need to effectively address the task of: rasing awareness of cycling traffic rules; ensuring safety riding practices; and improving bicycle spatial environment ina a society. The development of Morics1 contributes to tracking these tasks.
 In this laboratory, We are doing research in various fields such as improving the repeatability of the bicycle running at night as much as the bicycle simulator has been doing so far, and conducting surveys on the actual condition of bicycle traveling for elderly persons and the consciousness survey in bicycle riding. We are seeking to improve safety education and grasp the actual condition of the current situation.

Research on introduction of public transportation system in Southeast Asia        

 In Southeast Asia, there are still many cities trying to reach motorization now on. In oeder not to deterioate the environment, it is desirable to provide public transportation service rather than passenger cars. We study the needs and systems of public transportation that match the bikes and meeting systems(paratransit) rooted in those cities and the culture of Southeast Asia.
Development of Driving Simulation System and the analysis of safety of driving on underground highways in urban area    
 There are still some plans for highways, like metropolitan corridors, which are highly needed to be constructed in urban area. Then, underground structure is supposed to be applied for the construction of these highways because of high density in urban area and environmental impact of them. Underground structure should be needed to make consensus with local residents. To give an example, the belt highway A86 in France, the west part of A86, which are being constructed, applies underground structure, two tunnels, to save living environment, forest, and historic buildings.  On the other hand, driving in a tunnel gives a driver much burden, like visual pressure and bad visibility, and it tends to cause more traffic accidents. In addition, because an underground highway in urban area is expected to have heavy traffic and steep slopes for connection to ground level, its driving condition and safety are being concerned.  Improvement of driving condition in a metropolitan highway and the application of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) are expected to be considered well in today’s situation that aging society is in progress, and quality of driving condition is being important.

 We have developed MOVIC-T4(Moving Virtual Cockpit driving simulation system by Tokyo Tech & Trion for Tokyo highways)to analyze driving condition and safety on a under ground metropolitan highway and have tested and evaluated some measures for improvement.

  It is concerned that driving on underground highway causes awakening level down. We have dealt with the safety issue on underground highway in the perspective of reducing traffic accidents, and have used MOVIC-T4 for the research focusing on an accident relating to more than 3 cars, which is expected to cause heaver losses than the one relating to less than 2 cars

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Previous Research at Yai Laboratory

Research for public Involvement on regional transportation planning and project   

For example...
 For assessment of planning process, appropriate assessments are supposed to be intruduced for each element, concering assessment body, a stage where an assessment will be taken, and method for assessment. Public Involvement process consists of dialogues ( exchanging information and apinions ) between government and public, and government, public and third party are expected as evaluators. Analysis and discussion are important to figure out possible items to be assessed and appropriate methods for assessment because the degree of public interest to planning has diversity and it is difficult to assess planning and a plan separately.
 We have studies and have constructed a body of questions to draw public assessment of PI and planning process. We have studies feasibility of public assessment of planning.

Micro traffic simulation      

Traffic simulation for traffic condition just after earthquake happened.
 When Hanshin Awaji earthquake happened, collapse of buildings caused reduction of traffic capacity of network and, as a result, heavy traffic jam was caused by a lot of vehicles coming into the network and it bought huge impact to activities like fire fighting, rescue and sending relief. Traffic condition after an earthquake will be very complicated and preparing measures to solve that situation is a challenging task. Simulation systems which make analysis possible under the condition that traffic condition after an earthquake is forecasted are useful. 
 We have studied measures against traffic problems caused by earthquake by micro simulation system(Paramics). Now we are focusing KAWASAKI, Kawasaki city area because it is considered that traffic blockage will happen in high possibility.

Study on the survival of public transportation and activation of central urban areas in local cities

 In the provinces, the users of public transportation have been decreaseing. Therefore the existence of public transportation is in danger. In local cities, where cars are the main means of transportation, the central city area declines. In depopulating areas where the aging population continues to move, being able to move without relying on cars is essential for supporting the minimum necessary activities in elderly living and for carrying out healthy living. Therefore, we are conducting research from the viewpoint of active involvement of the residents about the revitalization of central urban areas and the survival of public transportation in local cities.

Research on classification of free responses and extraction of interest    

現在,我が国の国土行政は"コミュニケーション型国土行政"と称して,公共事業における国民との協働・共創を進めており,主要な取り組みとしてPI(Public Involvement)を位置づけています.PIとは,事業の計画段階から住民の声を聴き,計画策定に反映させるというもので,具体的な手法として,アンケート調査,FAX,電話,はがき等があります.近年,住民意見を直接表した自由回答方式が注目され,自由記述アンケートから道路に対するニーズや不満度を抽出する研究等も行われています.PIでは,どの手法を用いても,自由意見は最終的に「自由回答テキスト」となり,住民への公表や,計画プロセスにおける重要なデータとされます.しかし,それらの整理・分類法は未だ確立されていません.実際にPIを導入している"(仮称)横浜環状北西線"構想段階でも,現在までに4587件という大量な意見が集められ,それを人手で分類してきました.そのため,記述内容別の分類程度に留まっており,テキスト表現に含まれた住民の意図や関心に注目した分類はなされていません.しかし,PIにおいては住民の関心の所在を明確にし,それを行政だけでなく住民全体が認識することが重要です.そのためには,住民側から出される大量な自由意見を計画プロセスの中で埋没させないよう,各意見に秘められた人々の"関心"が何であるのかを効果的に抽出・分類する方法の確立が必要であり,また,PI手法を導入している行政側にとっても,膨大な意見を短時間で正しく理解し,整理した結果を的確に市民にフィードバックすることが求められています.そこで,本研究室では自然言語処理技術を援用し,「自由回答テキスト」に含まれる住民の関心を軸にしたテキストの自動分類に関して研究を行っています.

Verification of nonlinearity of utility function in transport mode selection model       


Possibility analysis of introduction of compact airliner in domestic and international aviation market      


Activity analysis of holidays and estimation of time value    


Analysis of residents' consciousness structure against uncertainty of traffic demand forecast    


Prediction of ETC (Non-stop Automatic Toll Collection System) Ownership Diffusion   

高速道路の料金所渋滞の解消を目指して,ETC(ノンストップ自動料金収受システム)が平成13 年から導入されています.ETCは単に料金所の渋滞を解消することのみが目的ではなく,対距離料金制(有料道路を走行した距離に応じて通行料金を変化させる.現在首都高などは料金収受の効率化等の理由から走行距離に関係なく一律の料金を課している)やロードプライシング(混雑料金や上述の環境ロードプライシング等)を導入し,効率的な道路運用管理をするためにも不可欠なデバイスとなります.しかし,ETC 車載器の普及率が非常に低く,多くのドライバーはETCのサービスを受けられない,また各種交通政策の効果が十分に発揮されないという現状です.利用者はETCのメリットを判断して独自に車載器を購入することになり,システム運用のパフォーマンスがユーザー側の車載器購入行動に影響を与え,また,その普及率がETCサービスのパフォーマンスに影響を与えます.今後,道路交通環境を改善するためには,ETC車載器の普及が必要不可欠であり,その普及を促進するための調査,研究を,現在屋井研究室で行っています.

Introduction possibility of social interaction to selected behavior model   


Effect analysis of driving support system (AHS)    


Evaluation of measures to improve local traffic environment such as around attracting facilities and intersections   


Analysis of the effect of tasks other than driving on the driver